Biomass heating systems

Biomass heating systems are the best, affordable and green solution, to heat residential and professional buildings. Simply choose the fuel (pellets, wood or both) and the type of heat distribution that bests suits your specific requirements. Both fireplaces and stoves heat their surroundings by radiation and by their heat output paired with new heat distribution techniques (fan-assisted, ducted air, water).

Fan-assisted technology: heating by fan-assisted hot air

Hot air is evenly distributed throughout the room thanks to the radial fan located at the bottom of the stove or fireplace. It has been designed to offer two advantages: optimal heat distribution (cold air is taken from the bottom, hot air is diffused at the top) and better air flow even when the fan is off (for efficient heat exchange even with natural convection).

Air Pro System technology: heating by ducting hot air

Palazzetti’s technology to duct hot air to various rooms (up to 28 metres of straight Ø 8 cm ducting – 14 metres of equivalent length for each branch). The fans work independently so that they can manage the temperature differently in various rooms of the home.

Twin Air System technology: heating by ducting hot air.

Up to 8 metres of straight Ø 12 cm ducting, ideal to heat two, adjacent rooms.

Zero Speed Fan technology

Almost all our fan-assisted Ecofire pellet stoves are provided with the Zero Speed fan function which completely turns off the fan to enjoy heat diffused by natural radiation and convection. This technology saves electricity and enhances acoustic comfort, further reducing any noise produced by the stove.

Hydronic technology: heating by water

All our hydronic products heat the central heating system water as well as providing DHW. They can be installed to heat by themselves or in addition to a traditional boiler or the latest generation of heating systems integrated with solar panels, heat pumps and water storage systems. They operate with radiators or floor/ceiling heat distribution systems.

They are very quick and easy to install thanks to an Integrated Hydronic Unit: a closed expansion tank, an A-rated circulation pump, an anti-condensation valve, a manometer, a safety valve and an air purge valve.

Fan-assisted hydronic technology: heating by water and air

Applied exclusively to our Ecofire pellet stoves, this technology offers all the advantages of a hydronic product with the added benefits of fan-assisted hot air diffusion throughout the room it is installed in.