Wood-burning range cooker Alba Thermo water

90 x 60 x 84 cm - 170 kg
Wood-burning range cooker that heats the air while you cook.
Energy efficiency rating A
• a wood range cooker that works like a boiler: it heats all the radiators in the house while it cooks;
• white or gun-barrel grey enamelled metal structure;
• steel firebox with refractory baffle;
• the oven is in black enamelled steel and has a ceramic glass door;
• there is a thermometer to check the oven temperature;
• steel cooktop;
• for vented installation.
Wood burning
Heat input 27.7 kW
Rated heat output 21.0 kW
Water heat output 11.2 kW
Efficiency at rated heat output 75.8 %
Recommended quantity of firewood 6.4 kg/h
Flue gas outlet diameter ø 15 cm