Oven Ecoforno for wood-burning fireboxes Ecopalex

62.5 x 45.5 x 42.7 cm - 0 kg
• this special patented oven works without gas, electricity or wood;
• heats up quickly by exploiting the heat produced by the Ecopalex® firebox;
• the outgoing flue gasses surround the outer shell of the Ecoforno® oven, quickly reaching the required temperature;
• ideal for baking pizzas, bread and for roasting meats;
• sound and safe, it is covered entirely with stainless steel;
• cast iron and ceramic glass door with thermometer, designed to prevent heat dispersions when it is opened;
• 45x35xh20 cm: interior dimensions of oven.
Wood burning
Heat input 0.0 kW
Rated heat output
Efficiency at rated heat output
Recommended quantity of firewood
Flue gas outlet diameter