Wood-burning firebox Monoblocco WT 78F V10 with O2Ring air

92 x 61 x 164 cm - 320 kg
Energy efficiency rating A+
• firebox in very thick Thermofix;
• the combustion air can be taken directly from outdoors;
• accurate combustion management and control by adjusting primary/secondary air;
• heats by radiation and forced convection;
• thanks to a radial fan and to the availability of 4 air outlets, the fanassisted version allows you to duct hot air for up to 30 metres of equivalent length;
• sturdy sliding door system that makes the door glide smoothly open;
• glass can be tilted by 40° for cleaning purposes;
• post-combustion system;
• removable ash pan;
• vertical flue connector or with different angles (optional);
• by-pass valve expels flue gases when the door is opened;
• integral O2Ring technology to reduce the production of harmful particulates;
• manually sliding door.
Wood burning
Heat input 11.2 kW
Rated heat output 9.6 kW
Efficiency at rated heat output 85.9 %
Recommended quantity of firewood 2.7 kg/h
Flue gas outlet diameter ø 20 cm