Ecomonoblocco MX 78 F

85 x 55 x 165 cm - 215 kg
Firebox with a cast iron base and side walls in high-density Magnofix, a special refractory material that optimises combustion and heat radiation. Fully-opening sliding door and optimised self-cleaning system for glass.
Energy efficiency rating A
• sliding door
• adjustable vents with connectors and flexible pipe extension
• dual Combustion system
• patented VDF® system for perfect draught management and consequent energy savings
• the combustion air can be taken directly from outdoors
Wood burning
Heat input 16.7 kW
Rated heat output 13.0 kW
Efficiency at rated heat output 78.0 %
Recommended quantity of firewood 4 kg/h
Flue gas outlet diameter ø 25 cm