Stylish airtight pellet stove with a round design. It is equipped with the exclusive self-cleaning burning pot and the complete combustion system. Round glass door and painted steel cladding.
Energy rating A+
sealed stove, can draw its combustion air directly from outdoors
• elegant circular shape with painted steel cladding
• double-glazed door; the outer glass is tempered and black and it becomes transparent when the fire is lit
Balanced Door with self-balancing system
• variable-speed fan with Zero Speed Fan technology (the fan can be switched off to increase acoustic comfort and favour natural heat diffusion)
• digital, touch screen control panel
• operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
• designed for our Connection Box
• T3 technology with 4 smoke pipes of increased diameter with high efficiency and simplified cleaning
Complete Burning System: total combustion stove with minimum ash production
Self Cleaning System: exclusive brazier self-cleaning system
• large ash drawer and Speedy Clean system
Quick Start system (reduces ignition time)
Star Valve pellet-feed system
Pellet burning
Nominal heat output 13 kW
Efficiency 90.5 %
Maximum burn time 28 h
Fuel hopper capacity 18 kg
Hourly fuel consumption 0.64 - 2.99 kg/h
Flue gas outlet ø 8 cm