Pellet stove Ecofire Violetta 7 air

89 x 25 x 105 cm - 110 kg
Space-saving stove in particularly short depth, which can be installed with the back against the wall.
Energy efficiency rating A+
• this space-saving stove has a particularly shallow depth and can be installed with its back flush against the wall;
• side 4-key display;
• front air outlet. A ducting kit can be fitted to divide and convey the air through two outlets;
• flue gas outlet fitted on the rear left but also available at the top thanks to a special kit;
• single front hatch for access to the firebox and ash pan;
• Twin Air System to heat adjoining rooms;
• can be installed with a top flue gas outlet thanks to a special kit;
• designed to work with our Connection Box.
Pellet burning
Rated heat output 7.3 kW
Efficiency at rated heat output 91.9 %
Maximum burn time 24 h
Feedbox capacity 15 kg
Hourly pellet consumption 0.607 - 1.63 kg/h
Flue gas outlet diameter ø 8 cm