Stufa a Pellet Ecofire Meghan US 6

58 x 61 x 120 cm - 0 kg
Sealed air stove with Flex Air system to divert the air to the front or top. Innovative design with aluminium top and base and sides available in various materials. Provided with top coaxial flue gas outlet and “star” pellet feed system.
Energy rating A++
sealed stove designed with a top coaxial flue gas outlet
• elegant and modern design with top and base made in aluminum and painted steel sides
• double door, an aesthetic one made completely by glass and a technical one with Balanced door system
Flex Air system to deflect the air on the front or on the top
• variable-speed fan with Zero Speed Fan technology (the fan can be switched off to increase acoustic comfort and favour natural heat diffusion)
graphic digital display with touch controls
• operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
• room temperature probe controls the set temperature
• designed for our Connection Box
Combustion Dynamic Control preserves the fuel and combustion air balance, ensuring utmost heat efficiency in all operating conditions
• large ash drawer and Speedy Clean system
Quick Start system (reduces ignition time)
Star Valve pellet-feed system
Pellet burning
Nominal heat output 6 kW
Efficiency 92.9 %
Maximum burn time 25 h
Fuel hopper capacity 15 kg
Hourly fuel consumption 0.605 - 1.34 kg/h
Flue gas outlet ø 8 cm