Pellet-burning boiler JP 15

70 x 63 x 140 cm - 230 kg
Caldaia con focolare a tubi di fumo con turbolatori. E’ dotata di «complete burning system», che ottimizza la resa e minimizza la produzione di cenere, e di «self cleaning system», sistema di autopulizia del braciere e dei tubi di scambio.
Energy efficiency rating A+
• sealed firebox body made by smoke tubes with turbolators
• integrated hydronic unit composed of a circulation pump, a safety valve, a closed expansion tank and a manometer
integrated anti-condensation valve
• digital, touch screen control panel
• operating hours can be programmed on a daily and weekly basis
• integrated interface with external thermostat or for connection to the storage tank
• designed for our Connection Box
Complete Burning System: total combustion stove with minimum ash production
Self Cleaning System: exclusive self-cleaning system for both the brazier and the exchange pipes
• combustion air ducted from outdoors
DHW: version with a hydronic kit to produce domestic hot water
Pellet burning
Rated heat output 16.1 kW
Water heat output 15.3 kW
Efficiency at rated heat output 96.1 %
Maximum burn time 52 h
Feedbox capacity 55 kg
Hourly pellet consumption 1.05 - 3.48 kg/h
Flue gas outlet diameter ø 8 cm