Customized projects

Il tuo sogno
Your dream To make your practical and aesthetic requirements clear, take a look at the plan of your house and any photos of the room you want to install the fireplace in with your favourite Palazzetti retailer.
Il nostro progetto
Our project Our design studio will soon draw up a project for you that satisfies all your requirements, either by adapting an existing fireplace model to your wishes or by creating a new one. The project will come with a detailed quotation.
Realization Once the project has been approved, our engineers will implement it using patented machining methods and only quality materials.

Our strengths:

La qualità made in Italy

Made in Italy quality

Marble processing requires careful procedures and meticulous controls since not only the aesthetical value depends on it, but even the general quality of each cladding. We work the marble of our claddings inside just one of our factories, in Porcia, so that we can guarantee our products and check them phase-after-phase for perfect results.
L'attenzione ai materiali

Attention to materials

Marble is a living material, with ever-changing shades, veins and tones. All these imperfections add value to the material and should not be considered as defects, but merits. To guarantee aesthetic quality, however, Palazzetti claddings are always cut from one sole block of marble, instead of being assembled from different slabs, which would jeopardise the final tone.
L'attenzione ai materiali

Patented processing methods

The curved modules of our standard marble fireplaces are made from a single slab thanks to an exclusive and patented method that ensures absolutely perfect aesthetics that, above all, remain unchanged over time.
Work without joints
  1. Example of our work without joints.
  2. Example of a curve obtained by the union of multiple pieces of marble. The difference is evident.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Example 6