Modular system Saint Vincent oven module

72 x 60 x 198 cm - 250 kg
• an oven module with a stainless steel wood-fired oven;
• fan-assisted wood-burning oven;
• a stainless steel and ceramic glass oven door with a thermometer;
• a separate combustion chamber with a combustion air register, 10cm thick rock wool insulation and cool-touch handles;
• a wide range of modules allowing the greatest possible freedom of arrangement;
• can be extended after purchase;
• light and easy to transport;
• easy to install without masonry work;
• revolutionary, push-fit system makes the modules easy to assemble and disassemble;
• made of Cemipiù: an innovative material designed for outdoor use;
• extreme weather resistance;
• minimum maintenance required;
• its appearance remains unaltered in time;
• bushhammered and flamed finish surfaces;
• a stainless steel hood.