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We are delighted to present our range of Ecofire® pellet stoves: available in various heat outputs from 4 to 26 kW they can heat by air (natural convection, fan-assisted air circulation, ducted air) or by water...


The heat delivered by wood-burning stoves offers the unparalleled charm of tradition and keeps you in touch with nature. But there’s more to it than that. It now delivers important technological content as well...

Our technologies for your wellbeing

Technology O2RING

Do the new regulations say you can’t have a fireplace? If it’s made by Palazzetti, you’re ready to go!

AirPro Technology

You decide where you want the heat! With AirPro System you can have up to 28-metres of air ducting.

Tecnology Water/Air

Discover all the advantages of heating by water and air in a single product.

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