Cement barbecue Maxime 2 with oven - Modular system

204 x 95 x 236 cm
• all bases closed in the rear side, worktops in polished Marmotech, grill and grill+oven have refractory fireplates and insulating mat;
• stainless steel bio grill 76x37 cm;
• grill with high temperature painted steel hood, extracts fumes from grill and oven;
• reinforced hearth with a high alumina content;
• module with stainless steel 4-gas burner;
• module with stainless steel sink equipped;
• fast-Fire Box system ash box with air circulation;
• two firewood loading modalities: either from the front or from the back by rotating the firewood holder;
• optional door kit for all suitable modules, supplied standard for grill and grill with oven modules;
• refractory wood-fired oven with cast-iron and ceramic glass door and thermometer;
• baking chamber size cm 77x65;
• can be integrated with kitchen modules.