Awards and acknowledgements

Our company has received plenty of awards since 2005. Each of these has represented a goal and a new starting point for us, a renewed commitment to continue to invest in technological research and in the study of form. In fact, Palazzetti’s products stand out on the international scenario precisely for their innovation and design based on all-Italian quality and creativity.

Red Dot Award Product Design

Currently the largest and most widely-acknowledged international design contest: 4,928 innovations participate from 56 countries, all of which are examined on site by an international jury of experts to award the products that satisfy 3 requirements: functionality, aesthetics and simplicity of use. Ecofire® Audrey won first prize in the product design category in 2015, followed suite by Ecofire® Beatrice in 2017.

German Design Award

This international award was set up by the German Design Council and is assigned to products, projects and personages of the world of design and architecture. In 2015, Ecofire® Brian received a Special Mention in the Excellent Product Design category of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2015 contest for its quality and its excellent, innovative design.

IF Design Award

It’s a globally-renowned symbol that stands for top quality design products and projects. In 2015 the Ecofire® Audrey and Ecofire® Elisabeth Idro pellet stoves won the IF DESIGN AWARD for their quality and for their excellent, innovative design in the Home Furniture category of the Product section.

Good Design Award

This contest was set up by the Chicago Athenaeum (USA) with the purpose of highlighting the industrial, graphic and product projects that stand out for their very innovative, cutting-edge design and are capable of changing the direction of the development of competitive products on the global market. Ecofire® Elisabeth e Audrey won the GOOD DESIGN award in 2015.

Design Plus

Promoted by ISH in Frankfurt. This award is given to products that stand out for their sustainability, innovative design and low energy-consumption technologies. Ecofire® Lola, a sealed pellet stove, won this award in 2013.

The Lyon Flam’expo Awards de l’Innovation

Ecofire® Adagio, the sealed stove designed to meet the heat requirements of passive homes according to the French BBC standards, won this award in 2013.

The Besançon Bois Energie exhibition’s Grand Prix de l’Innovation, France

In 2015, Multifire NT won the “Félicitations du Jury” award in the “Wood heating for the domestic sector” category. In 2011, O2Ring was unanimously awarded the exceptional grand prix in the special category. In 2009, the Bronx firebox cladding won the “Félicitations du Jury” award in the “firewood domestic heating products” category. In 2008, the Ecofire® Elena New pellet stove won the “Félicitations du Jury” award in the “firewood domestic heating products” category. In 2005, Multifire NT 45 won the “Félicitations du Jury” award in the “Wood heating for the domestic sector” category.

Vesta Awards di Atlanta

A prestigious U.S. award set up in 1980 by Hearth and Home magazine. Our Multifire firebox won this award in 2008 in the pellet stove and inserts category.